Top 5 Things to Do in New York on a Budget

New York City is consistently ranked the most expensive city in the United States. Yet, year after year nearly 47 million tourists come from all over the world to be a part of it, if only for a minute. Despite it’s high price tag, New York has a number of destinations that won’t break your bank. Here’s our top five choices:

5. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge is stunning visually and historically. It’s one of the country’s first suspension bridges and at the time of construction, New Yorkers thought it would be impossible to connect Brooklyn and Manhattan. After searching far and wide, the city contracted German immigrant John Augustus Roebling who was paralyzed overseeing the construction. His wife Emily had to lead the final stages of construction. The giant stone bridge is breathtaking as are the views it provides of the East River and the Brooklyn and Manhattan skylines. A path for walkers and bikers separate travelers and locals from the bridge’s automotive traffic. On the Brooklyn side, people line up to get a pizza from Grimaldi’s, often said to be the best pizza in New York. If the line isn’t your thing, there are plenty of food options at Brooklyn Bridge Park as well as some grassy areas and walking paths. For an added thrill, rent a bike on the Manhattan side and follow some of the city’s awesome bike trails.

4. Laugh All the Way to the Bank
Comics Matt Besser, Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts, and Matt Walsh came to New York, from Chicago, the improv capital in 1996. They went on to have awesome careers in the entertainment world but not before they founded The Upright Citizen’s Brigade. The comedy theatre has fostered the careers of many comics including Tina Fey, Robin Williams, Will Ferrell and more. For a very small ticket price (around $5) you can see some of the city’s most promising acts. 307 W. 26th Street, New York, NY 10001

3. Stroll through Central Park
Prior to Central Park, New York City was a maze of factories and concrete. No plans had been laid for any park space and citizens had to travel to Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn to enjoy themselves. The second largest park in the city, but definitely the most famous, this 843 acre wonderland regularly marvels those who attend. The best way to experience all there is to offer is to take a tour of Central Park. You’ll discover boating, skating, hiking, ball playing, music and more.

2. Ride the Staten Island Ferry
All the locals know about the Staten Island Ferry. It gives you a beautiful view of the Lower Manhattan skyline, but more importantly, it passes right by the Statue of Liberty. Avoid the long lines that go to Liberty Island and see it on the ferry. You can get ballpark food from the boat’s concession’s stand and get all the pictures you want.

1. Pay Half Price for Broadway
Find the TKTS booth in Time Square and you can get 50% off on tickets to a Broadway show. The shows offered vary every day and must be purchased the day of the show. The booth usually opens between 2 and 3pm. Be ready for a line. For more info check out