3 Important Things When Purchasing An Island Bench

A garage is more than just a house for your car. It can also be used as a storage solution for most of your stuff, which include your automotive tools. If you do not have enough storage space in your garage, some of your tools will most likely just be lying around anywhere in the room. With all the clutter, you will surely have a hard time finding the items you need. Most importantly, accidents can happen.

To help you get rid of all the clutter within your garage, consider investing in an island bench. By choosing the right one, you will definitely have the best storage solution for all your tools. Moreover, this can become your workbench you must accomplish important tasks involving your car.

What To Consider When Looking For The Best Island Bench

1. Surface Material

Some of the most popular materials used will include plastic and steel. Another great option is wood because it can efficiently withstand heat exposure, impacts and defacement. Moreover, benches with wood surface are best for various kinds of work, such as repair, maintenance and assembly.

2. Size

These workbenches can have a width that ranges from 310 mm to 3048 mm. So make sure that you opt for one that fits well in your garage. You do not want to get one that will eat up all the space. So it is very important for you to measure the room prior to shopping for one. As for its height, get one that reaches your waistline so you need not to bend too much whenever you need to work. Bear in mind that bigger is not always better in terms of workbenches. It is not definitely a smart decision for you to opt for large size when you only need a medium-sized bench.

3. Features

Today, most island benches have cabinets and drawers. Indeed, these can become an add storage space for your belongings. Store some of the cleaning and automotive tools in it. Mobility is another feature that you must look for. There are already wheeled workbenches in the market today. These options will allow you to easily move around.

Apart from that, you must also make sure that the one you are considering has excellent quality locking castors so it won’t move if you are using it as a work area. The product must be key lockable as well to ensure that only you can have access to your tools and other valuables.

Go and Find Your Lost Irish Origins in Ireland This Holiday Season

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The people of Ireland’s have several cultural layers to them. In many ways, there is a stereotype that they are actually quite prone to party and drink very heavily, even during workdays ordering many parts of the work week in which it seems like they should be being more productive. Well, let me tell you, this is merely a stereotype. In recent years Ireland has drastically change both their world reputation as well as the reputation as the world sees them. They have now become an economic powerhouse in their own right, and the tour is a market as well as the Irish real estate market has led to a dramatic increase in Investment Capital as well as scores speakers spend their money.

Have you ever been to an actual real and authentic Irish pub. One rich with Irish history and folklore? Then you haven’t really had the Irish experience now have you. You travel destination in the green countries lovelies city often includes a traditional crawl through the city streets. Banter, cheer, and foot stomping charm is the sprezzatura that make up the west side. But don’t for a second think that the land hasn’t developed its posh side. Dublin, for example, now offers a quite cosmopolitan introduction to Europe’s westernmost island. What are you worried that the price is just a bit too high, especially in this economy? Fear not because it is actually quite reasonable fee to travel by rail at this time the rates have never been better. Do you have any family that is already living in Ireland? Or do you perhaps have a long lost relative that you’ve been meaning to look up? You may be surprised to learn that the Irish government actually keeps quite a large database of historical records at 13 to the current citizenship-including their names and addresses, and actually goes to great pains to try to hook up long lost Americans with look up their Irish roots.

What Every Driver Should Know About Transmission Fluid Change

One of the first things new drivers learn about automotive maintenance is how to check the motor oil in their car. They are also instructed to have the liquid changed every three to five thousand miles. Failure to do so could damage vital engine parts and put their rides at risk. This maintenance is essential to a car’s operation, but it applies to more than just motor oil. Transmission fluid is just as important.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid keeps the gears and, in turn, the car moving smoothly. It is part of a closed system and, unlike motor oil, the liquid should never run low. As such, most motorists mistakenly believe it never needs to be changed. Many drive for years needing a transmission fluid change. What are the dangers?

When the liquid breaks down, it can no longer provide adequate lubrication to the gears in your car. For some drivers, this deterioration may never cause a major issue, but for others it could cause serious damage. Now, you might be wondering why it inevitably wears out? Here are a few common risk factors:

– Frequent stop-and-go driving
– Excessive towing or hauling
– Snow plowing
– Using a manual transmission system
– Periods of heavy use
– Poor driving conditions

All of the aforementioned issues greatly increase the risk of extreme heat; heat that breaks down the vital components in the fluid. As a result, this burnt liquid can no longer act as an effective lubricant. Although this breakdown usually occurs after many years, it can be expedited by any of the above risk factors.

When To Change It

If you asked five mechanics, you could get five different answers about when to change the vital liquid. A more accurate answer can be found in your owner’s manual. Based on exhaustive testing of your specific vehicle, this information should serve as a reliable guide. With that said, you may have to adjust it a bit based on your individual driving habits. If, for example, you tow your fishing boat around for the entire summer, you may need transmission fluid change earlier than advised. In most cases, manufacturers recommend replacing it every 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

How To Check It

Just like motor oil, you can check your transmission fluid with a dipstick. But unlike the oil, you don’t usually have to worry about its level. As we mentioned earlier, your gearbox is a closed system, so volume should never fall. What you must consider, however, is the quality of the fluid. If it is relatively clean and pure, it should be pink or reddish in color. But when the liquid burns, it turns light to deep brown. It may also smell burnt.

Average Price

A relatively inexpensive automotive service job, changing this vital liquid usually costs between $60 to $100. The cost may be slightly higher when the transmission filter must also be replaced, which is often the case. Because it is typically only performed every 3 to 5 years and it can dramatically improve driving performance, transmission fluid change is well worth the investment.